About us

The Aviation Environment Trust (AET)* was founded in 1978 to advance knowledge and understanding of aviation’s environmental and amenity impacts, through research and education.

* between 1978 and 2011, the Trust operated as the Airfields Environment Trust.

The Trust, which is the only UK charity operating exclusively in this field, conducts and sponsors research with the aim of producing innovative solutions to reduce aviation’s environmental effects. We recognise that only collaboration between all of those involved can produce effective and workable strategies.

The AET works constructively with environmental organisations, policy-makers and regulatory bodies, academic specialists and all sectors of the industry (airlines, airports, navigation service providers, and manufacturers) to promote a sustainable future for aviation.

The Trustees

The Trust is currently governed by 4 trustees:

The Trustees come from a variety of backgrounds and provide the Trust with business, aviation, planning and environmental knowledge and skills.

A Registered Charity

The Trust is a Charity registered in England & Wales, number 276987.