Airports & the UK Planning System

Decisions concerning UK airport or airfield development are made through the planning system. For most, planning controls and agreements are the only means of regulating the associated environmental impacts. In 1995, the AET supported the publication of a Handbook on Planning, the Environment and Aviation written by leading planning law specialist Alistair Bigham (ISBN 1 900211 00 9). The Handbook provided the public with a comprehensive overview of the process, the legal and planning framework, and the opportunities to get involved, and has been used as a resource by communities, local planning authorities and the industry. Many changes have taken place in the planning process since publication, while the breadth of environmental issues to be considered has increased significantly. To update the Handbook and make it more widely available, the Trust funded leading academic and expert on “appropriate assessment”, Riki Therivel, and the AEF, to work on a revised edition. The revised handbook (over 300 pages divided by planning topic) has now been published online.